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Download our Guidelines to author for writing a book.

Instructions for Authors

  1. Before starting to write manuscript of a book, a meeting of publisher, co-coordinator and authors should take place to finalize draft of the manuscript.
  2. The manuscript should be written on paper sheets supplied by the publisher or prepare a word document as per author’s convenience.
  3. The manuscript should be written on one side of the sheet.
  4. It should be in clean, neat and with reasonable margin.
  5. It should be complete in all respects, before handing over to the publisher, No changes or additions and deletions should be made thereafter.
    Separate sheet should be used for making any written suggestions to DTP center or printer.
  6. Each chapter of the manuscript should be divided into topics and subtopics. Every topic or sub-topic (should be suitably captioned) or have appropriate heading.
  7. Each chapter should end with summary and exercise. The summary should cover each point and the exercise. It should include all types of Questions.
  8. Each chapter should have clearly written serial page numbers.
  9. Contents of the manuscript should be logically arranged, properly presented and neatly illustrated. In short, the contents should be student friendly.
  10. The authors should sincerely follow guidelines given by the co-coordinator from time to time.
  11. The authors should submit the manuscript to the co-coordinator as per time schedule mutually determined by both. Delays in this respect should be avoided and the time schedule be strictly followed.
  12. The manuscript, finally checked and approved by the co-coordinator, shall be sent to DTP center where the authors should make visits, if necessary, to facilitate the process of bringing out the book.












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