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Pages :454

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This book aims at making teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Geetamore accessible to Marathi readers. Modern lifestyle encouraging individualistic and self-centered tendency leave little space to understand and practice the message by Geeta. This book attempts at making this teaching approachable to the masses. Each shloka from Bhagavadgeeta in Sanskrit is accompanied by the one from Vinoba Bhave’s Geetai in Marathi, followed by its translation and a brief explanation. This compilation helps in encouraging the society, especially the youth, by awakening their curiosity about the teachings of Geeta.It is based on Geetai, Shri Dnyaneshwari, lectures by VinobaBhave, Geeta Swadhyay Pustika by Geeta Dharma Mandal, and translation published by Geeta Press (Gorakhpur).

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