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Roga Nidan evam Vikruti Vigyan Part 2
Author(s) :

Publisher(s) : Proficient Publishing House


Binding Type :Paper Back

Size :Demi

Pages :466

Edition :2022
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Chapter 1
Rasavaha Srotas Vyadhi    1
Chapter 2
Raktavaha Srotasa Vyadhi    115
Chapter 3
Mamsavaha Srotas Vyadhi    176
Chapter 4
Diseases of Medovaha Srotas    182
Chapter 5
Vyadhi of Asthi-Majjavaha Srotas    204
Chapter 6
Diseases of Shukravaha Srotas    248

Chapter 7
Diseases of Pranavaha Srotas    258
Chapter 8
Diseases of Annavaha and Pureeshavaha Srotas    299
Chapter 9
Udakavaha Srotas Vyadhi    371
Chapter 10
Mootravaha Srotas Vyadhi    386
Chapter 11
Swedavaha Srotas Vyadhi    404
Chapter 12
Manovaha Srotas Vyadhi    405
Chapter 13
Upasargajanya Vyadhi    428
Chapter 14
Krimi vigyan    445

This part 2 book is based on the syllabus of Paper II and such an exclusive book covering the part of modern corelating disease with Ayurvedic Vyadhi along with its investigations is a novelty in the market. Although a few books on part 2 are in the market the part of modern syllabus and investigations is not covered in them and if present, the explanation is too brief and scattered. This book endeavours to explain the Vyadhi nidan panchak as well as their modern concepts in detail. Hence the students shall get knowledge of this subject; both modern and Ayurved at one place in one book. This shall help them to study the subject in a comprehensive and easy manner. The post graduate students too shall immensely benefit from this book.
It is commonly observed in our daily medical practice where patients approach the physicians with reports regarding various investigations; either laboratorial or radiological viz. X ray, USG and others viz. ECG, EEG etc. Most of these patients take recourse to Ayurvedic medicines after finding no relief with modern medicine. The Ayurvedic physician may not be able to give justice to such patients in respect of neither the diagnosis nor treatment if s/he lacks knowledge of such modern diagnostics. This may cause hindrance in achieving Dharma/treatment of patients and work satisfaction, Artha/monetary benefit, Yash/success in treatment and Kirti/fame and reputation.
This book is student friendly and the description is entirely based on the points as per the syllabus, thereby making it exam friendly too. The language used in this book is simple, easy to understand and written to cater to all students; both national as well as international learners. Thus, all students from any corner in India, may they be from the North, North-East, South, Central, Western or Eastern India shall find it easy to read and understand the content as well as the concepts of Ayurved in a lucid manner.

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